Who we are

CEJIL’s Mission and Vision:

CEJIL´s mission is to contribute to the full enjoyment of human rights in the Americas through the effective use of the tools of the Inter-American System and other International Human Rights Law protection mechanisms.

We envision a fully democratic hemisphere, where the rights of all are respected; a hemisphere where people live freely, without fear and want, as established in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the preamble to the American Convention on Human Rights. We strive for a region with strong institutions grounded in the rule of law in order to ensure that, through an adequate legal framework, public policies and practices are in line with international human rights law. We seek to create a hemisphere where State protection is reinforced by a system of complementary regional protection which is prompt and effective in protecting the fundamental rights of individuals and peoples. CEJIL is a non-profit, non-governmental organization with consultative status before the Organization of American States (OAS) and the United Nations, and observer status before the African Commission of Human Rights and Peoples.

CEJIL’s Objectives:

  1. To contribute to reducing the inequality and exclusion that prevails in the region, in order to guarantee the right to equality and respect for human dignity.
  2. To respond to grave human rights violations related to the violation of the right to life, integrity, and security, committed or tolerated by different actors, and to assist in obtaining justice.
  3. To contribute to the strengthening of democracies, in particular of the rule of law and of democratic oversight bodies, justice systems, civil society, human rights defenders, and other key social actors.
  4. To contribute to the increased effectiveness of the IAS, furthering, inter alia, equal access for all persons to its protection mechanisms, improvements in its operation, and the full implementation of its decisions.