What we do

We defend people whose rights have been infringed in order to change and better the pressing realities of those who live it, prioritizing those who are most at risk – such as human rights defenders, children, and women.

How we do it

When states violate or fail to protect human rights, we take these cases to the Inter-American Commission and the Inter-American Court of Human Rights so that damages can be repaired and policy or legal reforms can be carried out so these violations do not occur again.
We meet, discuss, generate, and share information in order to raise awareness about endemic human rights problems and find solutions. Our goal is to help foster the creation of public policies that respect human rights.

Our history, motives, and structure

In 1991, a group of well-known human rights defenders from the region met in Caracas, Venezuela, with the goal of creating a regional organization that would fight for justice, liberty, and a dignified life for the continent’s inhabitants through a concentration of efforts on the use of international law, compliance with human rights, and the Inter-American System’s mechanisms of protection.