Publication: CEJIL´s contributions on the Adequate Financing of the Inter-American Human Rights System

Washington, D.C.- May 31, 2019.- The discussion on the financing of the organs that comprise the Inter-American Human Rights System (IAHRS) has been present, as one of the indispensable challenges to ensure its proper functioning and permanence. It is expected that the issue will remain on the agenda before the General Assembly of the Organization of American States (OAS), which is to be held at the end of June in Medellín. 

As part of the efforts to procure an adequate functioning of the IACHR and the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, CEJIL presented a new volume of its collection Documents of Conjuncture, sharing reflections on the challenges and possible solutions regarding the financing of the IAHRS. It was elaborated after the financial crisis that broke out in 2016, which directly affected the Commission (IACHR) and the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (IACtHR), when different organizations and experts pointed out the urgency that both entities have the ability to carry out work independently, professionally, responsibly, and in a timely manner. 

In this way, this document recounts the historical debate on the financing of the IAHRS, presents updated information on the main sources of the budget of the Commission and the Inter-American Court of Human Rights. Likewise, it makes key recommendations that demonstrate the need for greater commitment of the States of the region with our regional protection system.

It remains clear that challenges persist, particularly in the face of a regional and global context where there is a lack of adequate resources for human rights organizations. Faced with these high-risk dynamics for the protection and promotion of human rights, "the funds are more necessary than ever for the IACHR and the Inter-American Court to comply with its work plans and continue to offer timely responses to thousands of victims who do not find it in their countries ", as the document states, within its analysis.

We hope that this document will serve as an invitation to continue contributing and working collaboratively from the member States of the OAS, organized civil society, donors and cooperation agencies -among other actors-; and to maintain the commitments previously assumed at the 2017 General Assembly, held in Cancún, so that the Inter-American System can continue responding to the pressing realities of the continent.


Download the full version here (original version in spanish).