Nestor Jose y Luis Uzcategui
A pattern of violence against poor, young males

On January 1st, 2001 a group of individuals affiliated with the Armed Police Forces of Falcon state (FSPF) in northwest of Venezuela broke down the front door of the Uzcátegui family's residence. Without presenting a search warrant, the police raided the house looking for Néstor José Uzcátegui. Nestor José was showering when officials found him and shot him. His brother, Luis Enrique Uzcátegui, stated that police officers subjected the rest of the family members to physical intimidation before exiting the house Nestor Jose's body. The commander general of the police told the media that the victim had died during a clash with police.

Luis Enrique Uzcátegui dedicates himself to seeking justice his brother's murder, catalyzing the meeting of various family members of victims in the state. As a result of his work, Luis Enrique was persecuted, harassed, detained and-on several occasions-beaten. Additionally, his home was raided on numerous occasions and the Commander of the  Armed Police Forces of Falcon state denounced him for vilifying and defaming officers. These instances of harassment against him began on the same day his brother was murdered, when some of the police officers kidnapped him and took him "to an open place" where he was threatened with death if he reported the facts. The harassment continued through phone calls or  visits by DIPE officials at his home and at work that carried threats. The latest incident of harassment dates to late 2014.