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The campaign "Defend the IAS Now" needs everyone’s support. If you want to participate and be part of the debate view dates, forums, and mechanisms for participating:

Sign the Declaration to Support the IAS

César Gaviria, Andrés Pastrana, Alejandro Toledo, Silvia Pimentel, Sylvia Steiner, Gioconda Belli, Adolfo Pérez Esquivel, Juan Gelman, and Javier Sicilia signed the Declaration to support the IAS , to demand greater transparency in the debate on the future of the Inter-American System. This Declaration was launched at an event in Bogota and gave rise to a regional campaign. Add your signature here.

There are two formal debate forums on the future of the IAS: the IACHR and the OAS. Why are they different? The IACHR is an autonomous body, and has the authority to amend its Rules of Procedure, policies, and working practices. It is important to make your voice heard so that the Commission will take all people in the American continent into account.

The OAS is a multilateral political organization that assembles member countries´ governments. The discussion currently taking place there has serious consequences for the future of the IAS, but is closed and lacks transparency. It is essential that you appeal to your government to make this debate participatory, demanding that it reflect the interests of all of the States, and not the interests of groups within governments.


Participate in the IACHR debate process


Attend the meetings of the OAS Permanent Council


Attend the meetings of the OAS Permanent Council with Civil Society


Follow the OAS Extraordinary General Assembly


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